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Written By yoyo on Monday, July 23, 2012 | 11:56 PM


Jodhpuris for Men

The traditional jodhpuri suit has a bit of western three piece look and it really has an elegance glance. On the jacket you will find Nehru collar. Sometimes suit worn with another suit also has Nehru collar. The best stuff of clothing for any groom to wear particularly embroidered with gold and silver.

To make your marriage memorable affairs then pick up splendid range of jodhpuris that will append a delicate look to your personality. Just go through the excellence and unparalleled creativity of the dexterous craftsmen. You will find a range of jodhpuri suits. Superb mixture of Indian taste along with western is just worth appreciating. Jodhpuri suit includes a jacket and trouser and also having stunning embroidery along with zardosi gives a royal look to the gentlemen.

Jodhpuris suit are perfect for any wedding or parties. Jodhpuri suit can be worn with necklace, vest and turbans to add a style statement to it.

Jodhpuris for Women

Making a style statement with traditional trousers and pants designed in jodhpuri look gives you a hot look for this season as it is a perfect blend of a traditional and a western look and can be draped with kurtis in chicken or zardosi.

Go gaga over this new fad this season and stay stylish..!!

Take care and Stay Fashionable..!!
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