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Indonesian tattooed celebrity

Written By yoyo on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | 4:50 AM

Indonesia's tattooed celebrity
Not only international artist who likes tattooing the body. In Indonesia, tattoos have also started commonplace for many women, including celebrity-celebrity following.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Poppy Sovia

Poppy Sofia cute face seemed inversely related to body covered in tattoos. "Mom said do not be tattooed from macem-macem with another life," Poppy said in an interview

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Olla Ramlan

There are 12 tattoos on the body Olla Ramlan, but one by one from his removed as requested by her lover, Aufar.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia was once fond of tattoos. One of the newest tattoo is a tattoo of his name, "Leticia", in the neck, and a rosary tattoo on her right wrist which was made in conjunction with her ​​husband, Kiki Mirano.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Tamara Geraldine 

There are 15 tattoos on the body of Tamara Geraldine, one with a picture of his son, Caskaya, on his back.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Poppy Bunga

Although opposed by the mother, Poppy Bunga still get a tattoo on my hip and back.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani "celebrity" infotainment are often included with this sensational news known to the person with a tattoo that read "Nikita" just above his chest.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Melanie Subono

Melanie Subono No wonder if Melanie has several tattoos, because the husband I Gusti Ngurah Wijaya Agus is well-known tattoo artists.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Fahrani Empel

Model and actress Fahrani Empel body covered in tattoos from top to bottom, even in the mouth behind the lower lip. The number of tattoos on body Fahrani to 35 pieces.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Julia Perez

Julia Perez Apart from the black scorpion tattoo on the lower left abdomen, Jupiter also has a tattoo written on his neck.

Indonesian tattooed celebrity Chantal Della Concetta

Chantal Della Concetta former news anchor has five tattoos on his body, bearing the names of loved ones.
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